New England PTTC Launches a New Parks & Recreation Department Toolkit

April 21, 2020


Toolkit for Parks and Recreation Departments: Preventing Youth Substance Use and Addressing Substance Misuse


Substance use disorders are a community problem that require a community response. While it will take many sectors of the community to solve this problem, Parks and Recreation Departments (referred to as P&R Depts in this document) have a unique role to play in preventing substance use disorders and in addressing substance misuse in New England communities. Many P&R Depts offer before and afterschool childcare, summer, and sports programming for young people, and play a large role in building healthy communities through the oversite of parks and playgrounds and holding public events. This toolkit offers P&R Depts some guidance and resources for implementing research-based strategies to help prevent youth substance use and address substance misuse. 


Link to download to parks and recreation toolkit.

Parks and Recreation Toolkit
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