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February 12, 2020

Developing and Implementing Community Health Promotion Campaigns - Technical Assistance Opportunity


The National American Indian and Alaska Native PTTC is pleased to announce a collaborative technical assistance project focused on helping communities create their own health promotion interventions for their communities. Three pilot sites will be chosen from the applicants to participate in the project.


What we are offering:

  • Learning collaborative opportunities focusing on the following topics:
  • Assistance in identifying key stakeholders
  • Identifying barriers to health promotion
  • Engaging local programs and agencies
  • Cultural considerations
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Utilization of media
  • Face-to-face trainings


Tentative schedule:

  • Initial session Mid-March 2020
  • Total of 6 monthly sessions

Entire process: March – September 2020 (subject to change)


How to apply:

Application due February 28, 2020

Click here for to application: /media/1729

Applications should be completed and emailed to: [email protected]

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