Top 5 Podcast Episodes from 2019

January 2, 2020

In January of 2019, we set out to create a virtual gathering place for the Mid-America PTTC region. Our vision was to create a podcast where we could connect with prevention leaders to share their great work, share valuable information and inspire listeners to lead change in their communities. It’s a place where you can hear what’s going on around the region, what’s working and not working, and find like-minded folks to engage with.


We published 22 episodes last year and have many more to come in 2020!


Just for fun, here are our top 5 podcast episodes from 2019.

  1. Episode 1: An Introduction to the Mid-America Prevention Technology Transfer Center
  2. Episode 5: Build the Community to Build the Capacity
  3. Episode 8: Recovery Stories - Darla
  4. Episode 19: Current Drug Trends - Promethazine
  5. Episode 21: Thrive Allen County


Do you know someone who should be featured on the podcast? If so, drop Dave an email at [email protected].


Thanks for being a part of the Mid-America PTTC network!

2019 top 5 podcasts
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