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About the Enhancing Pre-Professional Training for Prevention Project

The Northwest PTTC convened faculty from prevention-related academic degree programs across the region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington) to form an Academic Strategic Thinking group. The purpose of this group was to create a network of individuals to collaborate on reviewing, developing, and piloting prevention science curriculum infusion tools.

What are curriculum infusion tools? Tools that can be flexibly used and “infused” or integrated into existing curriculum/courses. The primary goal of this project is to review existing and develop new prevention science tools that will be useful to educators who are charged with training the next generation of prevention professionals in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.

We would like to thank the members of the Academic Strategic Thinking group that have collaborated with our team and provided ongoing feedback throughout the development of these materials.

How to Use the Products in This Toolkit?

These products were developed to help users infuse prevention concepts into existing curricula or courses to teach the next generation of health professionals the value of prevention.

Target audience: Faculty teaching courses in prevention-related fields (e.g., social work, nursing, public health)

Please view this video from Dr. Brittany Cooper regarding how to use these materials -

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