HHS Region: Region 6 - South Southwest 

Title: Certified Prevention Specialist

Examination: Must pass IC&RC

References / Recommendations:

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from prevention specialist peers.
  • Professional Reference Forms - Choose 3 Professional References-(Present employing agency, prevention practicum training supervisor, agency, supervisor, peer prevention professional, or chairperson of your agency board of directors)- One (1) must be a CPS, Document Professional References on “professional references” tracking sheet. Have your professional reference mail form back to ODAPCA (Applicant should not mail form)

Educational / Training Requirements: 120 Hours supervised Prevention (120 hours specific to the domains and 10 hours minimum in each domain.

Supervised Prevention Experience: 1 Year (2000 hours) with major portion of work experience and practice in Prevention & Community activities.

Code of Ethics: Signed Code of Ethics/Affirmation Statement verifying applicant read, understands and will adhere to boards Code of Ethics-Prevention Specific Administrative Prevention Program

Recertification Requirements:

  • A certified prevention specialist must sign one (1)
  • Formal Application - All blanks filled out with appropriate information, Current photo attached to Application, and 300 Word Philosophies.
  • Residency - Live or work 51% on the time within ODAPCA’s Jurisdiction
  • Employee Verification - Completely fill out three (3) employee verification forms. have employee sign and date form, applicant shall mail form to ODAPCA
  • Education/Verification - Send “Official Transcript” to ODAPCA (must be sealed and stamped official), fill out workshop tracking sheet with appropriate Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). Mail form to ODAPCA
  • Practicum/Training Supervision - Practicum/Training Supervision Send Certified Prevention Specialist Practicum/training for to Supervisor, Applicant and Supervisor must sign and date form. Mail form to ODAPCA

Pre- IC&RC Certification Level Requirements: Associate Prevention Specialist

Certification & Licensing Board: Oklahoma Drug & Alcohol https://www.odapca.org

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