HHS Region: Region 8 - Mountain Plains 

Title: Prevention Specialist (PS)

Examination: Applicants must pass the IC&RC International Written Prevention Specialist Examination.

Educational / Training Requirements: 120 hours of prevention specific education across domains. 24 hours of this education must be ATOD specific. 6 hours must be specific to prevention ethics. 

Prevention Experience: 2000 hours of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) prevention work experience. 

Supervised Prevention Experience: 120 hours specific to the domains with a minimum of 10 hours in each domain. 

Code of Ethics: Utah Applicants must sign a prevention specific code of ethics statement or affirmation statement.

Recertification Requirements: 40 hours of continuing education earned every 2 years.

Certification & Licensing Board: Association of Utah Substance Abuse Professionals (AUSAP) https://www.ausap.org/ Credentialing Application

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