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As is written in the values and principles of the Center, we draw upon the diverse and unique cultures, ceremonies, customs, and teachings of American Indians and Alaska Natives for strength, wisdom, and guidance. In order to serve in a national capacity, we rely on the commitment of members from across the country to advise on curriculum development, cultural competency, and needs assessment.


Prevention Advisors

Ray Daw, MA, Navajo Nation

Maurine Lilleskov, PhD, CHES, Luo Tribal Member of Kenya

Lakota R. M. Holman, M Ed, Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Jacque Gray, PhD, Choctaw & Cherokee Nation

Ken Winters, PhD

Perry R. Ahsogeak, Barrow Village of Alaska

Dan Dickerson, DO, MPH, Inupiaq

Melanie Johnson, the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma


Advisory Council

Dennis Norman, Ed D, ABPP, Descendant of the Southern Cheyenne Nation

Richard Bird, MMS, CCDCIII, Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate

Joel Chisholm, MD, Bay Mills Indian Community, a band of the Ojibway tribe

Ed Parsells, BA, Cheyenne River Sioux Nation

Lena Gachupin, MSW, Zia and Jemez Pueblo, and Sun Clan of New Mexico

Jeffrey N. Kushner, MHRA

Robert Begay, Member of the Navajo Nation

Dana Diehl, Yupik and Dena'ine

Jacque Gray, PhD, Choctaw & Cherokee Nation

Connie O'Marra, LCSW, Citizen Potawatomi

John Jewett, MA, Oglala Lakota Nation

James Ward, MA, Choctaw

Ray Daw, MA, Navajo

Jeffrey N. Kushner, MHRA

Daniel V. Foster, Psy. D., MSCP, Cherokee, follows Lakota ways

Patrick E. Calf Looking, MA, Blackfeet


Ex-Officio Member(s)

Karen Hearod, LCSW, Member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Region 6 Regional Administrator

Juanita M. Mendoza, MS, Member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona, Bureau of Indian Education

Rose Weakhee, PhD, Navajo Tribal Member, Acting Director for Intergovernmental Affair, Indian Health Services



Pamela Baston, MPA, MCAP, CPP

Roger Dale Walker, MD, Cherokee Nation

Janie Ferguson, BA, Cup'g Eskimo

Sunny Goggles, MA, Northern Arapaho Nation

Michaela Grey, MPH, Navajo Nation

Kristina Pacheco, BA, Pueblo of Laguna

Robert Rohret, MPH

Tom Vaughn, PhD

Star Wheeler, MS, Seneca Nation

Kate Winters, MA

Dolores Subia BigFoot, PhD, Caddo Nation

Janice Yazzie, MA, Navajo Nation

Janet Zwick, BS



Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Behavioral Health Aide Program (BHA) and the Community Health AIDE (CNA) program

Comprehensive Drug Research Center, University of Miami
The Comprehensive Drug Research Center (CDRC) is a comprehensive interdisciplinary research center which has been named a Center of Excellence by the University of Miami.
James M. Shultz, MS, Ph.D. currently serves as director. From its outset, great attention has been paid to the facilitation of research through supportive core functions. Core functions of the CDRC include the following: administration and leadership; project interactions; access to research populations; community epidemiology/geographic information systems; outcomes research; quantitative data management and information systems; qualitative field studies; health evaluation; laboratory research; health economics; training/education; proven research technology; and technology transfer through publication and dissemination. Since 1994, substance abuse and related research such as HIV/AIDS have accounted for more than $200 million funding. The center is nationally recognized as one of only two federally funded centers for community-based health services research for chronic drug users.

National Association of Drug Court Professionals
Wellness Courts
Healing to Wellness Courts

Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP)

National Indian Health (IHS) Center of Excellence in Tele-health

Indian Country Child Trauma Center

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