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Building Capacity for a Public Health Approach to Prevention

1:00pm - July 16, 2020 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Central East PTTC
Registration Deadline: July 16, 2020
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Substance misuse and behavioral health overall, are an intrinsic part of public health. Many people with substance use disorders also live with mental health disorders, including serious mental illness, as well as preventable and treatable medical health issues. Often, the same root causes and care disparities are responsible for most or all of these issues. Therefore, substance use preventionists are often trying to reach and serve the same populations and individuals as mental and physical health care professionals. Bringing together these different fields into a comprehensive public health approach can significantly improve overall health and wellness. This webinar provides information on preparing for a public health approach from a substance use prevention perspective. This includes how preventionists can use the Strategic Prevention Framework to support the implementation of public health approach.


  1. Define a framework for a public health model
  2. Explain what is a public health approach to prevention
  3. Describe the stakeholders and partners necessary for a public health approach
  4. Explore the steps to implementing a public health approach


Josh Esrick, MPPJosh Esrick, MPP is a Senior Policy Analyst with Carnevale Associates. Josh has extensive experience in substance use prevention; researching, writing, and presenting on best practice and knowledge development publications, briefs, and reference guides; and developing and providing training and technical assistance to numerous organizations at the Federal, state, and local levels. He developed numerous SAMHSA Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies’ (CAPT) products on strategies to prevent opioid misuse and overdose, risk and protective factors for substance use, youth substance use prevention strategies, youth substance use trends, emerging substance use trends, the potential regulations surrounding marijuana legalization, as well as numerous other topics.

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