Introduction to the Prevention Core Competencies

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The Introduction to Prevention Core Competencies for Prevention Professionals was designed to introduce practitioners to the essential competencies, knowledge, and skill to work in substance use and misuse prevention. It is based on the Prevention Core Competencies published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The course provides a foundation for service delivery based on prevention science and the use of evidence-based practices. It strengthens the understanding of effective planning and implementation approaches and encourages the pursuit of more specialized training and professional development. 1. Describe the key elements of prevention planning and evaluation. 2. Understand the core prevention professional knowledge, skills, and competencies. 3. Acknowledge the importance of research-based theories and processes that help explain and build effective prevention interventions. 4. Describe how evidence-based (EB) prevention strategies can be delivered across settings including the family, school, media, community, or workplace. Certificate of Completion Available

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