Building Culturally Inclusive Coalitions: What Do Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Mean When We All Look the Same?

Presented with the National Hispanic and Latino Prevention Technology Transfer Center

Prevention coalitions are encouraged to build a diverse and inclusive membership that reflects the composition of the communities served. Doing so helps ensure representation of the perspectives necessary to identify and respond to substance misuse-related problems and consequences most effectively, and to prevent or intervene to address existing health inequities and disparities. For some, the challenges are understanding how to work with unfamiliar populations, overcoming anxiety with making a mistake, or building trust with diverse of impacted populations. Other coalitions, located in what appear to be racially or ethnically homogonous communities, wrestle with digging deeper to identify and comprehend the rich diversity present, regardless of what the demographics indicate. Regardless of location, how might coalitions engage community members across cultural identities as partners to address health disparities, center equity in their prevention approaches, and overcome common barriers? What helps communities and coalitions to overcome histories of distance and mistrust? How can progress and success be identified and measured? Join this collaborative series from the National Hispanic and Latino PTTC and Northeast and Caribbean PTTC for a deep exploration of these issues and an opportunity to receive expert guidance around real-world challenges experienced.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this series of technical assistance services, participants will/be able to:
• Develop a personal understanding of the positive impact of attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion to their community and prevention efforts
• Increase awareness of common biases or practices that reinforce inequity and exclusion
• Identify three personal and coalition practices or policies to apply that increase equity in prevention effort
DEI Webinar Session
• Gain a deeper personal understanding of culture, DEI, and related concepts of identity within coalitions and communities
• Understand how to interpret health equity data and identify community assets
• Review tools to better understand community (historical background),
• Review how to practically apply DEI in real world settings
Coalition Leader Practices TA Session
• Assess personal challenges encountered and potential strategies to address
• Identify effective practices and tools coalition leaders can apply to work effectively with community/partners
• Review practices how to engage partner experiences in real world settings and address current personal challenges
Coalition Practices TA Session
• Identify coalition policies and practices to address
• Review everyday coalition practices to incorporate and apply to identified challenges
• Identify strategies, values and tools to engage and work effectively with new partners

Starts: Feb. 9, 2023 2:00 pm
Ends: Feb. 9, 2023 3:30 pm
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