Recovery Coaching A Harm Reduction Pathway Training of Trainers

Recovery Coaching a Harm Reduction Pathway is a training curriculum developed to address a fundamental gap of knowledge, skills and competencies essential for addressing populations affected by substance use. RCHRP does not provide harm reduction training techniques, rather, it focuses on informing peer-based recovery support service staff about working with those who are often overlooked between the silos of care within the behavioral and primary health continuum.

Intended Audience: 

Active or prospective peer recovery coaches; Recovery Community Organization personnel; recovery housing service providers; substance use disorder treatment providers; medical and psychiatric services providers; peers and family members in recovery.

* Completion of a recognized 30-46-hour recovery coaching fundamentals training, such as MRC Recovery Coach Academy or CCAR Recovery Coach Academy, is strongly suggested.

Starts: Apr. 27, 2020 8:00 am
Ends: Apr. 30, 2020 2:30 pm
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Face-to-Face Training
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