Evidence-Based Registries for Substance Misuse Prevention

The information on this page is for substance misuse prevention practitioners to help them better understand and access online registries for evidence-based programs and practices for substance misuse. These registries are websites that assess evaluations of behavioral health programs and rate their effectiveness using research evidence. They provide prevention practitioners with the information they need to select the programs/practices that would be the best fit for the needs of their communities. Registries are important because they aid in program planning, saving prevention professionals valuable time. 

This resource is designed to complement the process outlined in SAMHSA’s Selecting Best-fit Programs and Practices: Guidance for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners. Specifically, it can be used in tandem with SAMHSA’s guidance document starting on page 5, “The Search: Finding and Selecting Prevention Programs and Practices.

The following products and resources will help you to navigate resources available to help you identify programs, practices and strategies that might be a good fit for your community.

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