Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health


Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health


What is it?

The Great Lakes PTTC is committed to helping the substance misuse prevention workforce reduce health disparities, address social determinants of health, and provide prevention services through which all individuals feel acknowledged and respected. The following are resources to help prevention practitioners learn about health equity, health disparities, and social determinants of health.

Video: Equity vs Equality (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota)
This video explores the difference between the needs of various communities, and how addressing those specific needs requires specific solutions … not just boots, but “boots that fit.”

Video: Social Determinants of Health: An Introduction (Let's Learn Public Health)
This video looks at the social determinants of health, including what they are, how they impact health, and a useful framework to understand them.

Glossary: A Comprehensive Culturally Responsive Glossary: Concepts to Increase Awareness Towards Health Equity (PTTC Network)
The PTTC Network's Building Health Equity & Social Justice Working Group developed this resource for prevention professionals to assist them in incorporating anti-racist, bias-free, and inclusive terminology into prevention efforts.

Resource List: Cultural Responsiveness (PTTC Network)
This extensive list of resources was developed by the PTTC Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Practices Workgroup. It is a compilation of resources produced by the PTTC Network to help individuals understand the impact of culture and identity in prevention efforts.


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Webinar: Why Health Equity Matters in Prevention (Great Lakes PTTC)
To provide the best prevention interventions possible, we must be flexible and adapt our services to meet community needs. This also means understanding the role of structural and institutional equality in creating disparities. Health equity matters in prevention and has always mattered. Watch this webinar to uncover why it matters and how we can prioritize equity in action!

Webinar: Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Prevention Planning (Great Lakes PTTC)
It is important that preventionists understand the social determinants of health (SDOH) and how our work intersects with them. The SDOH are the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks. Watch this webinar to learn more about SDOH and how prevention professionals can use this framework in developing innovative prevention strategies.

Webinar: Diversifying Your Network for Equity (Great Lakes PTTC)
Prevention strategies are more likely to be equitable and sustainable when implemented by diverse partners sharing the same vision. However, growing a network of diverse partners is easier said than done. We all have the tendency to work with the same people and organizations. This webinar explores the synergy at the heart of diverse networks and how to expand networks to include non-traditional partners.

Webinar: Examining Data for Disparities (Great Lakes PTTC)
Watch this webinar to learn how to harness data in your work to address health disparities. Explore the power of data -- the power for good, and the power to amplify bias. Data is the foundation of everything we do, so it's important that we learn to read and understand it correctly. With this skill set, you'll be able to identify structural inequities in your community and garner support for innovative strategies.

Self-paced Online Course: The Social Determinants of Health (Pacific and SW PTTC)
This three-part, 3 hour, self-paced course will provide a comprehensive overview of the social determinants of health and examine the influence they have on substance use. It will also discuss the impacts a public health approach can have on them, review how to turn prevention knowledge into actionable processes, and provide recommendations on how to address them through the principles of prevention science and using environmental and other strategies.

Website: Updated graphics depicting equality vs equity
The Robert Wood Johnson provides options for illustrating the difference between equality and equity, with new and different visuals that are more inclusive.

Self-paced Online Course: A Primer on the Social Determinants of Health (Great Lakes PTTC)
In this course you will have the opportunity to examine social determinants of health and how prevention professionals can use this framework in developing innovative prevention strategies and build partnerships across multiple disciplines in your community.

Self-paced Online Course: Why Health Equity Matters in Prevention (Great Lakes PTTC)
Take this course to uncover why health equity matters and how we can prioritize equity in action.


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Action Learning Guides (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps)
Four action learning guides are available on promoting health and equity: Introduction to Equity, Understand and Identify Root Causes of Inequities, Develop Strategies to Promote Health & Equity, and Partnering with Residents. Each learning guide includes a facilitation guide you can use to engage with your coalition/community plus a worksheet to track progress and reflect.


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