Black History Month – Substance Use Prevention

February 7, 2024

As we embrace the month of February and honor Black History Month, it is an opportune time to reflect on the rich heritage, resilience and contributions of the Black community. This month provides an opportunity to honor the achievements of Black people throughout history and address critical health issues affecting the community. This year, our commitment to addressing substance use disorders is coupled with a significant partnership that focuses on improving Black maternal health.


Substance use disorders have wide-reaching consequences that affect individuals across all walks of life, regardless of race or ethnicity. However, certain factors contribute to higher rates of substance misuse and related issues within the Black community. These factors include the social determinants of health, historical trauma, and limited access to culturally competent prevention and treatment resources.


By acknowledging and addressing substance use disorders within the Black community during Black History Month, we can shed light on the need for culturally responsive prevention and treatment approaches. This initiative aims to reduce stigma, increase access to resources and promote overall health and well-being.


SAMHSA’s Role:

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and communities in addressing substance use disorders. They offer a range of resources, including evidence-based prevention strategies, treatment options and recovery support services tailored to meet the unique needs of the Black community. The African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence was created to meet the urgent need for greater equity and effectiveness in behavioral health services for African Americans. The Center of Excellence will develop and disseminate training, technical assistance and resources to help healthcare practitioners eliminate behavioral health disparities within the Black community.


Our Partnership with the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.

In our commitment to holistic health, we are proud to announce our partnership with the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. This collaboration addresses a pressing concern within the Black community- maternal health.


Black maternal health disparities persist at alarming rates, with Black women facing higher rates of maternal mortality and complications. Our partnership with the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence seeks to bridge this gap by highlighting culturally competent programs, services and resources that target maternal health within the Black community.


This Black History Month, our organization stands firmly committed to celebrating the resilience and achievements of the Black community while addressing urgent health concerns head-on. By focusing on substance use disorders and partnering with the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence to improve maternal health, we aim to contribute to a healthier, more equitable future for all.

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