SAMHSA Releases Two New Products

March 21, 2019

SAMHSA recently releases two new products of interest for prevention professionals!

Guidance on Strategies to Promote Best Practice in Antipsychotic Prescribing for Children and Adolescents

This Guidance document gives a “bird’s eye view” of strategies to support best practice prescribing of antipsychotics for youth and summarizes the available evidence and principles to support these strategies.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in the Criminal Justice System: Brief Guidance to the States

This brief provides guidance to state governments on increasing the availability of evidence-based medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in criminal justice (CJ) settings. By including the criminal justice system as a path to treatment, states may see an increase in access to and retention in treatment, and lower rates of overdoses, re-offending, and re-incarcerations. In this brief, states are provided an overview of the issue, the challenges to incorporating MAT, key considerations for establishing MAT in CJ settings, and existing standards/guidelines.

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