2019 Workforce Needs Assessment Report - Region 10

2019 Workforce Needs Assessment Report - Northwest PTTC Region 10


 In 2018, the Northwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center (Northwest PTTC) was created to develop
and disseminate prevention tools and strategies needed to reduce substance misuse. To determine the
greatest training needs of the prevention workforce in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, the
Northwest PTTC developed and administered an online workforce needs assessment. From the 2019
Workforce Needs Assessment the Northwest PTTC identified ten key skill competencies for future training
topics. The competencies were:

  • Engaging/Collaborating With Under-Represented Populations
  • Cultural Competence
  • Community Or System Change Practices
  • To Understand Issues Related To Mental Health
  • To Understand Shared Risk And Protective Factors
  • Using Risk And Protective Factor Data
  • Program Sustainability
  • Advocating For Prevention And Prevention Funding With Elected Officials
  • To Effectively Communicate About Prevention
  • Understanding Health Disparities And Health Inequities

Beyond these training topics, the Needs Assessment also identified static and active online training as the
best technology for trainings over in-person meetings. In-person meetings were highly favored as a
mode of training but the majority of participants identified barriers to in-person meetings.
Additional specific recommendations can be found within the body of the report.

May 10, 2019
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