Episode 73: Professionalizing the Field, the Future of Prevention

Prevention Perk Podcast

Nicole M Augustine is the Founder & CEO RIZE Consultants, Inc, a strategic consulting firm founded in January 2015. Nicole is an entrepreneur, public health professional and social justice advocate. Nicole gained the Prevention Specialist credential in 2014 and has worked at every level of prevention practice - from providing prevention education to providing training and technical assistance to communities, states, and federal agencies. In August 2022, Nicole published the Prevention Specialist Exam Study Guide to help readers understand the competencies and knowledge necessary to become a Prevention Specialist (PS) and adequately prepare prevention professionals to pass the Prevention Specialist certification exam. Nicole is a passionate prevention thought leader with a desire to be of greater impact and drive community change through innovative strategies.  

Show Notes:

Email: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolemaugustine

Web: www.rizeconsultants.com

Book: Prevention Specialist Exam Study Guide

Articles: https://www.brainzmagazine.com/executive-contributor/Nicole-M.-Augustine

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The Prevention Core Competencies guide provides professional direction affecting staff development, career ladders and pipelines, and provides guidance for training programs and service delivery qualification. SAMHSA Prevention Core Competencies.

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