Indigenous Resiliency: Indigenous Ways of Knowing for Thriving Prevention Programs Workshop Series

In this four-part monthly workshop series, we will explore how to build resilience into everyday thinking and actions so that important activities will thrive even after the funding has diminished. We approach resiliency from a broad perspective that recognizes the importance of determining what actions are important to maintain to help the communities thrive and identifying strategic actions. Our framework includes four essential pillars: Internal Support, Resource Development, Partnership Development, and Marketing and Outreach. A strong, evidence-based program is the foundation for these pillars. WORKSHOP 2: IDENTIFYING AND ENHANCING INTERNAL SUPPORT In this workshop, we will focus on the organization within which you work. Support here is essential to resilient sustainability and success. Is there support from individuals and groups within the organization? Participants will: * Assess internal support with the following considerations: * Who currently sees the value of our project? * Who needs us and doesn’t know it? * Are we receiving the maximum support available? * Identify issues blocking support * Develop strategies for addressing those issues

February 24, 2022
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