Investigating Monitoring the Future, What is going on with the Data?

Investigating Monitoring the Future, What is going on with the Data

June 20, 2023


Event Overview

Northwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center and Monitoring the Future is pleased to offer an on-the-spot conversation about some state and national data trends and what they are and are not telling us about teen substance misuse.

During this session, participants will take part in the discussion.  We expect we  may ultimately have more questions about the data than answers!  So…bring your questions and observations from the field and join the conversation. Together we can continue to have a meaningful impact on reducing substance use trends


Event Objectives

  • Explore Monitoring the Future and some state trend data that have demonstrated decreasing overall trends in substance use. 
  • Juxtapose trend data with data demonstrating increases in teen Fentanyl overdose deaths
  • Talk about how opioid use follows similar patterns of risk and protection as other substances.
  • Consider implications for prevention activities including continuing to use the best evidence-based prevention programs to reduce risk and increase protection, while also focusing on risk reduction for teen overdose deaths.





Dr. Megan Patrick is the Principal Investigator of the Monitoring the Future Panel Study, which is a national study following participants from ages 18 to 65 since the mid-1970s. Her published research focuses on the development of substance use and consequences across the lifespan. Her interests include motivations for substance use, the prevention of health risk behaviors, statistical methods for modeling behavior and behavior change, and mobile and web-based survey methodology. She has been the PI of 10 NIH-funded projects and Co-Investigator on many others.  Her other current NIH-funded R01 projects focus on high-intensity drinking, simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use, and adaptive interventions to reduce consequences of young adult substance use.

Dr. Kevin Haggerty is a professor emeritus at the University of Washington School of Social Work. He is the former director of the Social Development Research Group where he specialized in the delivery of prevention programs at the community, school and family level. For over three decades, he has focused on developing innovative ways to organize the scientific knowledge base for prevention so that parents, communities and schools can better identify, assess, and prioritize customized approaches that meet their needs. He has served as principal investigator on a variety of intervention-focused federally funded grants. An expert on substance abuse and delinquency prevention, Dr. Haggerty speaks, conducts trainings, and writes extensively on this field. He is a former board member and Fellow of the Society for Prevention Research and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare and is a prevention science reviewer for periodicals such as Prevention Science.

Dr. Brittany Cooper is Associate Professor of Human Development, Youth and Family Extension Specialist, and Graduate Faculty in the Prevention Science PhD program at Washington State University. Dr. Cooper’s research, teaching, and outreach centers around the translation of prevention science for public health impact. For nearly a decade, she has collaborated with federal, state, and other community stakeholders to improve the field’s understanding of how best to support evidence-based prevention programs in diverse community settings.



Contact Kathy Gardner ([email protected]) if you have additional questions about the content related to this event.

July 3, 2023
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