New England Prevention Specialist Onboarding and Orientation Roadmap 2021

This resource is adapted by the New England PTTC from a resource created in partnership with the Maine Prevention Workforce Development Workgroup, convened by AdCare Educational Institute of Maine under contract with the Maine Center for Disease Control. It aims to meet universal developmental training needs of the substance misuse prevention workforce in New England. This resource is not specific to any one funding source or program. This resource can be used by new preventionists entering the field working in any federal, state, or locally funded prevention coalition, organization, or initiative.

With this resource, the New England PTTC hopes to provide a strong science-based overview of the field for new professionals to assist them in getting through the orientation phase and into the work they came to do more quickly, and with a shared perspective throughout the region.

  • Specific substance use prevention initiatives likely have their own onboarding process and tools that are program-specific. This resource is offered to supplement these program specific trainings, and give a scope of the prevention field.
  • This document is a living document that will change as the field of substance use prevention changes within the state, regionally, and nationally. 
  • Prevention specialists are welcome to return to this document at any point to review 101 level concept and ideas.
  • This document is interactive in that almost every graphic is clickable to bring you to an in-depth and reliable resource to learn more about the discussed topic. Many words are underlined to help break complex topics down into more details, as well. These links will be updated as this document is updated if more timely research or data is found within the field. 


For Prevention Directors and Supervisors

The Prevention Domain Video Series, along with the New England Prevention Specialist Onboarding and Orientation Roadmap, can be very helpful resources for when you are onboarding new employees to your organization who are brand new to the field of prevention. Both the roadmap and video series provides a well-rounded, and evidence-based, overview of what it means to be a prevention professional. This video series was purposefully crafted to provide both the factual information about each of the competencies, but also some great stories and anecdotes to illustrate what these look like in action. We encourage you to weave these into the onboarding process for your new prevention professionals. 


About the product: This productwas developed to address a need identified in HHS Region 1 (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI) to provide substance misuse prevention professionals with tools for substance misuse prevention. 



Browse the New Prevention Specialist Credentialing Interactive Map from the PTTC Network Coordinating Office & The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). 

March 30, 2021
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