Podcast Episode 18: Current Drug Trends - Kratom

Today we will be talking with about kratom.

Our guest speaker is Officer Ryan Snow.

Ryan serves fulltime as a police officer with a large university police department where he educates the community about DUI and drug-related issues.

He is a certified drug recognition expert instructor and has completed hundreds of hours of training related to drugs and the impact they have on the human body.

As a police officer, Ryan has firsthand knowledge of the danger that drugs bring to communities.

He has spoken at numerous national and state conferences on topics related to drugs, and he has also developed training opportunities for campuses and delivered those classes at colleges and universities across the nation.

Ryan’s work has been featured in webinars, newspapers, television and educational articles, and prior to law enforcement Ryan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in educational administration.

Before we get into the content, we would like to thank our funder the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Quick note, although funded by SAMHSA, the content of this recording does not necessarily reflect the views of SAMHSA.

Ryan's interview on the DEA's Campus Drug Prevention podcast.









October 18, 2019
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