Repository of American Indian/Alaska Native Prevention Programs

Attached you will find the Native Prevention Repository Table. This table includes the name and description of prevention programs designed specifically to serve AI/NA populations. These Native-specific programs are categorized by populations groups including youth, adults, families, and pregnant women, among others. Prevention categories include substance use, NAS, suicide, violence (including dating and sexual), teen pregnancy, truancy, and a few others. Additionally, there are a subset of prevention programs that, although not designed specifically for Native Americans, have a component available for Native Americans and/or were studied in a Native American population.

Included, also, is in this chart is a rating system (evidence-based, best/promising practice, contains cultural practice implications, etc. Finally, there are links for each program included in the final column of the table.

The Native-specific programs are highlighted in light orange and light blue. The programs which have a component and/or were studied in Native populations are in gray and  yellow. 

October 1, 2021
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