Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Resource Toolkit


The Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network developed The Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Resource Toolkit (Resource Toolkit) as part of its overall mission to strengthen prevention practitioners’ capacities to organize, facilitate, and sustain effective prevention coalitions and collaborations that prevent substance misuse and its related consequences. This Resource Toolkit includes various resources related to six key elements, or coalition characteristics, shown through research to promote the adoption of science-based prevention practices that generate improved community conditions and behavioral health outcomes for youth. The Resource Toolkit is a companion piece to The Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Research Overview, which introduces and defines each of the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions downloadable PDF.

How to Use This Resource Toolkit

Prevention practitioners are encourage to share this resource with coalition members to build a collective understanding of what research says about effective coalitions. Additionally, the Resource Toolkit can provide guidance to coalitions as they assess their own functioning and make plans for activities to enhance their work. This resource is divided into two parts.

In the first part, the Resource Toolkit is divided into sections covering each of the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions. The first section provides an overview of the six elements, including 1) an infographic to visually communicate the role of the six elements in promoting prevention-oriented systems change; 2) the recording of a national webinar that provides an overview of the six elements; and 3) a downloadable slide deck to accompany the national webinar.

The second part of this resource takes a deeper dive into each individual element by providing the following: 1) definition of the element; 2) a checklist to promote coalition self-assessment of the element; 3) a link to a recorded national webinar covering the element; 4) national PTTC Network-developed resources focused on the element; and 5) additional resources. At the start of this second section, you’ll find Table 1 which provides a definition of each element and a corresponding icon to link you to that element’s checklist and resources. You may also find it beneficial to use The Northwest PTTC Coalition Annual Report Template and video tutorial, designed to assist coalitions in organizing their efforts, based upon the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions. It is located under resources for Efficiency in this document.

In Table 1 users can click on a specific icon to move directly to the corresponding information for that element. Each section includes the definition of the element highlighted, a checklist to encourage self-reflection and group dialogue, links to national PTTC webinars on the element, PTTC resources directly or indirectly related to the element, as well as additional resources that may be of interest to users.

February 8, 2022
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