Webinar: Why Health Equity Matters in Prevention - Part 2


Why Health Equity Matters in Prevention - Part 2


Webinar Date: October 14, 2020


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A focus on health equity allows communities to direct their prevention strategies towards the most vulnerable populations in the region they serve. In doing this, we contribute to the reduction in health disparities and support initiatives that create community and societal change. Part 2 of this series will feature a panel presentation of experts discussing how and why the system of inequity exists. Panelists will share the fundamental causes of health disparities and recommendations to the field on responding to health disparities in substance misuse prevention.



Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH

Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH, is a tenured Associate Professor in the Division of Health Policy & Management, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health and the Blue Cross Endowed Professor in Health and Racial Equity. As a reproductive health equity researcher, she applies the tools of population health science and health services research to elucidate a critical and complex determinant of health inequity—racism. Her overarching goal is to contribute to a body of knowledge that links structural racism to health in a tangible way, identify opportunities for intervention, and dismantle the systems, structures, and institutions that allow inequities to persist.







Herman Hernandez

Haner Hernández, PhD, CPS, CADCII, LADCI is currently a Senior Consultant to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, with a focus on disparities, building health equity, addiction treatment, recovery supports, and the Recovery Support Centers located throughout the Commonwealth. He has worked for 32 years in the health and human service field developing, implementing, and evaluating culturally and linguistically intelligent youth and adult health prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support programs. He is a professional trainer and facilitator and provides individualized technical assistance and support to organizations that provide addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery supports.






Nicole Augustine

Nicole Augustine, MPH, MCHES, PS received her B.A. in Sociology from Cornell University and her Master of Public Health from The George Washington University School of Public Health. She is a passionate public health practitioner, dedicated to the utilization of evidence-based strategies because Prevention Works! With a background in sociology and public health, Nicole constantly evaluates human behavior through the lens of a sociocultural perspective. Utilizing this frame of thought, she provides technical assistance to communities as they address the root causes of substance misuse issues. 








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October 29, 2020
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