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Presentation Development and Design 
Jamie Comstock and Robin Carr, Info Inspired
October 7, 2021

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General Resources

Download today's training handout packet. This packet includes the following Info Inspired resources:

  • Quick Start Guide: Presentation Planner
  • Building Your Audience Avatar
  • Determining the Gap(s)
  • Building Your Avatar
  • Making Data Decisions
  • Data Visualizations Guide
  • Align It Activities
  • Bonus Section - Pro Tips
  • Resource Links


Presenter Contact Information:

Resources for Designing Print Documents, Presentations, and/or Social Media Posts

Resources for Color Palettes

Create a Color Palette Based on a Photo

Places to Find Photos and Icons

Photo Editing Tools

  • Pic Monkey
  • You can also do photo editing in Microsoft PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word

Downloading Fonts

Fonts are available on many websites, but these are a good place to start:


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