Drug Endangered Children: Alliance Development Academy 2020

Helping You Change the Trajectory of Drug Endangered Children's Lives.

"A multi-disciplinary coordinated approach that puts the children's needs first." 

Children + Drugs = Risk

Drug Endangered Children are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as a result of drug use, possession, manufacturing, cultivation, or distribution.  They may also be at risk due to their caretaker's substance misuse interfering with the caretaker's ability to parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment.


The Plan: Destination - Successful DEC Alliance
  • Month One: DEC Overview     
  • Month Two: National DEC Online Training, Leading Virtual Conversations, & Virtual Team Decision Making     
  • Month Three: Capitalize on Your Capacity & Small Group Action Planning  
  • Month Four: DEC Approach & Local DEC Development   
  • Month Five: Identifying Gaps, Needs, and Issues   
  • Month Six: Kansas Alliance for Drug Endangered Children & Next Steps

DEC Academy Replays
Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month Four

Month Five

Identifying Gaps, Needs, and Issues


Month Six


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