Ethics in Substance Misuse Prevention


Ethics in Substance Misuse Prevention

What is it?

As substance misuse prevention professionals, we regularly face situations that require us to make ethical decisions. Often it is clear how to act ethically; sometimes it is not. It is essential that preventionists understand our code of ethics and how to use the ethical decision making model.


Brief: Prevention Specialist Code of Ethics
The International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) refers to this code of ethics as "a valuable resource to applicants and boards alike looking for resources on Prevention Ethics."


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Self-paced Online Course: Ethics in Prevention Foundations: A Guide for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners
This 3-hour course is available for free on This foundations course is an important introductory component of many state, tribal and jurisdictional prevention systems as well as an essential element for those working towards a prevention certification.

Self-paced Online Course: Advanced Ethics for Prevention Professionals
For those who have already completed the Foundations course, the Advanced Ethics for Prevention Professionals course provides participants opportunities to refresh their understanding of the six principles of the Prevention Code of Ethics, explore ethical issues related to prevention topics, and practice applying the Prevention Code of Ethics to real-life situations using an ethical decision-making process


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Webinar: Advanced Ethics Series
This webinar series was jointly presented by the Building Health Equity and Social Justice, Implementation Science, and Community Coalitions and Collaborators PTTC work groups.


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