Lunch and Learn Series: Mastering Qualitative Research Skills-Session 3: Formulating Questions


Lunch and Learn Series: Mastering Qualitative Research Skills

March 11-15, 2024 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET each day

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The Central East & Southeast PTTCs are pleased to present this week-long Lunch & Learn Series in collaboration with the Southeast Regional SPTAC Team.


Overall Series Description:

Embark on a transformative journey to master the art of qualitative research in our Lunch and Learn Series. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your research journey, these five one-hour sessions are designed to enhance your skills in facilitating focus groups, conducting one-on-one interviews, formulating insightful questions, navigating environmental scans and asset mapping, and finally, mastering the art of data storytelling. Join us as we explore the depths of qualitative research, equipping you with the tools and techniques to unlock valuable insights and tell compelling stories with your data. Session Description: Uncover the secrets of successful focus group facilitation in this session. From creating a welcoming atmosphere to managing group dynamics, learn the essentials of guiding discussions that yield valuable qualitative data.


Series Learning Objectives:

  • Develop proficiency in facilitating focus groups and creating an inclusive environment for diverse perspectives.
  • Hone the art of conducting meaningful one-on-one interviews to elicit rich, detailed insights from participants.
  • Acquire the skills to formulate thought-provoking questions that unveil deeper layers of understanding.
  • Explore the methods of environmental scans and asset mapping to identify key factors influencing your research landscape.
  • Master the craft of data storytelling, transforming raw data into compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.


Session 3 Description:

Craft questions that go beyond the surface and extract meaningful information. Explore the art and science of question formulation, ensuring your queries lead to insightful responses. Community change and impact starts with being able to understand the root problem, so that we can work alongside communities to create solutions. 


This is a 5 part series- be sure to register for all parts!

Session 1: Facilitating Focus Groups
March 11, 2024  |  Sandra Del Sesto, M.Ed, ACPS
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Session 2: Facilitating One-on-One Interviews
March 12, 2024  |  Dorothy Chaney, M.Ed.
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Session 3: Formulating Questions
March 13, 2024  | Nicole Augustine, MPH, MCHES, PS and Kristin Kidd MA, CPS
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Session 4: Environmental Scans and Asset Mapping
March 14, 2024  |  Josh Esrick, MPP
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Session 5: Data Storytelling
March 15, 2024  |  Josh Esrick, MPP
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Nicole AugustineNicole Augustine, MPH, MCHES, PS is the owner of RIZE Consultants, a business focused on providing consulting services to businesses and community organizations. Nicole received her B.A. in Sociology from Cornell University and her Master of Public Health from The George Washington University School of Public Health. Throughout her career in public health, she has focused her work on understanding health disparities and social inequality. She’s a passionate public health consultant with experience providing strategic planning services to address community substance misuse issues.



Kristen Kidd

Kristin Kidd MA, CPS, is the Co-Coordinator of the Southeast Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) at Wake Forest University School of Medicine where she manages the Center’s training and technical assistance for the substance misuse prevention professionals. Her focus area is on environmental strategies, specifically local policy change. Kristin is also the Principle Investigator for the North Carolina Behavioral Health Equity Initiative which partners with nine NC community agencies to improve health disparities at the local level. Prior to her employment with Wake Forest, Kristin was the Director of the Tobacco Control Training and Technical Assistant Team at the Colorado School of Public Health in Denver. There her team was charged with providing state-wide advocacy and policy guidance to local health agencies to eliminate tobacco disparities. Kristin partnered with multiple Colorado communities to successfully pass local tobacco control policies such as retailer licensing and expanded smoke-free/vape-free ordinances.

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If you are in need of any special accommodations, please notify the Central East PTTC Webinar Team three weeks in advance of the event, or as soon as possible, by emailing [email protected].

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March 13, 2024
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