Parents and Caregivers: Powerful Partners in Prevention - Part 2 Peer-Sharing Call

A two-part virtual learning event for prevention practitioners in Region 2

As anyone who has ever hosted an event for parents and caregivers with low attendance can attest, engaging caregivers in prevention efforts is no easy task. Yet, as prevention practitioners, we know that getting caregivers to the table has a direct impact on the success of our efforts. This two-part virtual learning series will explore the parent/caregiver role in preventing youth substance misuse. Session One (webinar) will delve into the power of parents’ own beliefs in determining whether substance misuse is seen as preventable or inevitable. It will also highlight the many risk and protective factors that parents have the ability to influence in their own homes and in the broader community, and will highlight both evidence-based and promising practices for engaging parents/caregivers in prevention efforts. Session two (peer-sharing call) will lift up voices and examples from our region to share les

Parent session (peer-sharing call) LOs

  • Reflect on their own experiences with engaging parents in prevention efforts.


  • Describe practitioners from the region’s experiences in recruiting parents as participants in prevention services.


  • Discussed strategies for resolving barriers to parent participation in prevention planning efforts and services.


    Attending both sessions is recommended but not required.

Starts: Jun. 1, 2022 1:00 pm
Ends: Jun. 1, 2022 2:30 pm
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Virtual TA Session
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