New Tools from the Data-Informed Decisions Working Group

October 12, 2021

The Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) Data-Informed Decisions Working Group has designed the Checklist for Identifying Data Gaps and Primary Data Collection Methods: A Review Sheet for prevention professionals.


primary data collectoin methods review sheet



This review sheet was designed to support addressing data gaps through primary data collection. It provides several methods and select resources as a starting point for prevention team’s planning. These methods can involve varied means of data collection, including oral narratives, written text, photographs, video, and others.

Download the Review Sheet here






checklist for identifying data gaps


This checklist is designed to identify gaps and strengthen on-going data collection for your needs assessment. The checklist is organized by the six (6) core data areas of the Strategic Planning Framework: consequences, consumption, target populations, intervening variables (i.e. risk and protective factors), prevention resources, and community readiness. Data should be as local as possible, but include data from neighboring counties, state, regional, or national data for comparison purposes. 

Download the Checklist here

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