Southeast PTTC Workforce Development Series 2022

June 14, 2022


Week 1: Planning and Evaluation for the Prevention Professional


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This session for coalition leaders and members addressed the key elements of the Planning and Evaluation Domain of the Prevention Specialist Certification process while providing a customized application of several elements of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) including assessment, planning, and evaluation. The course walks through the SPF steps in a way that provides hands-on application of the content and material. Participants will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the session to enhance their existing coalition processes and outcomes.

CHC Instructors:  Carlton Hall, Dave Shavel, Dorothy Chaney


Week 2: Principles of the Environmental Approach for the Prevention Professional


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This information-filled session for coalition leaders and members addresses key principles related to content included in the Public Policy and Environmental Change Domain of the Certified Prevention Specialist credentialing process. The course provides foundational information for key concepts underlying environmental strategies and public policy work. Course content will be provided in a way that enables participants to share the information with their coalitions and more effectively participate in the development and implementation of effective environmental- and public policy-based strategies.

CHC Instructors:  Carlton Hall, Dave Shavel, Dorothy Chaney

Week 3: Youth Engagement in the Education Sector: Increasing Youth Social Justice Awareness through Schools and Impact on Community Engagement 


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Fueling social justice provides a young scholar increased opportunity for both academic and community enhancement success. Through stronger youth development efforts in host schools, after-school and prevention program planning, operations for both academic and social support can be created to address systemic deficiencies found within many lower performing urban demographics burdened by social inequities. Through culturally relevant and intentional social justice education, scholars can be provided with greater understanding of social affairs and advocacy.

CHC Instructors:  Carlton Hall and Cedric Hall

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