PTTC Southeast Podcast

We are pleased to host the Southeast PTTC Podcast based on our webinar series. Every episode covers an important topic pertaining to the work of substance misuse prevention professionals.



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Ep. 1: Advancing Prevention Science —An Introduction to the Southeast PTTC and Interactive Forum

Ep. 2: Reducing Prevalence of Addiction Begins with Youth Prevention: One Choice for Health

Ep. 3: Prevention in a Changing Marijuana Landscape

Ep. 4: Understanding the Prevention Specialist Certification Process

Ep. 5: Innovative Strategies for Engaging Underserved Populations

Ep. 6: Youth Opioid Addiction: What Preventionists Need to Know

Ep. 7: Best Practices for Prevention Media Campaigns

Ep. 8: The Benefits of Engaging Youth in Communities: Insights and Evidence from Developmental Science

Ep. 9: The Brain Science of Substance Misuse

Ep. 10: Leveraging a Health Equity Approach to Improve Prevention Efforts

Ep. 11: Community Engagement Strategies —Best Practices for Preventing Substance Misuse at the Grassroots Level

Ep. 12: TTC+ORN Collaborative Brown Bag Webinar

Ep. 13: Keeping Kids Safe in Schools —Associations between School Safety and Behavioral Health

Ep. 14: Leading From the Head and the Heart —The Pyramid of Success

Ep. 15: Managing the Impact of COVID-19 in Children, Families, and Communities through Prevention Strategies

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