Diversity and Cultural Inclusion in Prevention: Guide & Group-Assessment Tool

In this tool, you can see how you can use each step to inform your practices. Feel free to use this map with stakeholders, a coalition, or community members to explain the process and how you'll use this tool. At the end of this guide, there is a survey that you can use with your organization, coalition, or group to assess your strengths and areas of growth. The New England PTTC will create a report from your organization-specific data which you can share with your team to assess what areas you may want to focus your work around diversity and inclusion. You may return to this tool when you have determined which areas you want to work on for thoughts on what you might do to improve.


Prevention specialists make a commitment to serving the community. To serve a community fully and equitably, the prevention specialist must recognize that not all parts of the community receive prevention messaging and programing the same way. In order to reach all the diverse parts of your population, you must make intentional efforts to identify, understand, and speak to the full variety of people you serve.

April 28, 2021
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