Episode 57: You're Never Too Young for Prevention

Podcast #49

Jerry Moe, whose widely emulated work helping young children in families facing addiction has been featured in award-winning projects by Sesame Street in Communities, Nickelodeon and PBS - and whose passion for kids and deep empathy have routinely moved audiences to tears. He recently retired after 43 years as a child counselor and industry icon who brought hope and healing to thousands around the globe.

Jerry spent most of his career with the Betty Ford Center and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where he was executive director of national Children's Programs.

Moe's empathy, emotional connection to kids, and unwavering hope for them, likely stems from his own experiences with a father who struggled with alcoholism, accessed help, and lived his last 38 years sober. Moe is also a cancer survivor, husband, and father of three children of his own.

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September 1, 2022
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