Handouts for The 5 C's (not D's) of Data.

Slides from the session The 5 C's (not D's) of Data. In this 90-minute virtual training, participants will learn skills to present data in a manner that best resonates with their audience.

After this session participants will be able to:
● Choose the most effective chart for their data
● Use color for emphasis and action
● Use data in context for maximum (and realistic) impact
● Reduce clutter so data insights can be easily understood

Nonprofit and public sector professionals; substance use prevention, treatment and recovery professionals; behavioral health professionals; public health professionals and others tasked with delivering presentations

Jamie Comstock and Robin Carr founded Info Inspired in 2014, after many years of designing and giving presentations with no formal training in this area, and watching their public health colleagues struggle with the same skills gap. Both are certified prevention specialists with 30 years’ combined experience in the field. They’ve spent the last several years researching and testing ways to not only capture and hold an audience’s attention, but to also inspire audiences. They’ve spent countless hours refining the presentation planning process, identifying free resources, and learning how to maximize the tools they already had. It’s also important to know that they are not graphic designers, artists, or especially tech savvy.

Everything they do, you can do too!

September 16, 2022
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