Planning for the Life Cycle of Your Career in Prevention

Recording: Planning for the Life Cycle of Your Career in Prevention



From education to retirement, careers tend to follow a life cycle. These cycles will vary depending on the person, and life changes outside of work, such as having a family or making a long-distance move, can affect the path forward. Planning your career's life cycle and using your leadership to intentionally build a diverse workforce, are part of contributing to an equitable and sustainable field of prevention. In this webinar, we will discuss how you can plan your career life cycle from wherever you are now, so moving forward you can support the growth and continued institutional knowledge of the prevention workforce.




Participants in this webinar will be able to:

  • Describe stages in the typical career cycle for preventionists
  • List strategies for leveraging professional leadership for career growth
  • Discuss steps every prevention organization can take if they truly want to create a more inclusive and diverse teams that promote career growth and development




Photo: Chuck Klevgaard

Chuck Klevgaard, CSPS


Chuck Klevgaard is a nationally recognized expert in substance misuse prevention, public health, and school-based health. Drawing on his experience in collective impact and prevention-focused partnerships, he builds the capacity of states, tribes, schools, communities, and cities to use evidence-based substance misuse prevention and intervention strategies. He specializes in behavioral health support; training and technical assistance; and evidence-based alcohol, opioid, and substance misuse programs and policies. Nationwide, he provides trainings to prevent opioid overdose, including working with first responders to administer naloxone. As a consultant to Great Lakes Prevention Technology Transfer Center, Klevgaard provides training and technical assistance to substance misuse prevention entities within the Great Lakes region, which includes Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. Klevgaard, a Certified Senior Prevention Specialist through the Illinois Certification Board, Inc., holds a BSW from Minnesota State University Moorhead. 


March 8, 2023
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