Trauma Informed Facilitation Skills for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners

Trauma Informed Facilitation Skills for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners

May 4-June 22, 2023


Series Overview

The Northwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center and Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) are pleased to offer this four-session synchronistic distance learning course for advanced substance misuse prevention practitioners working in Oregon.

Substance misuse prevention program planners and coalition coordinators are responsible for creating safe, inclusive practices that engage all community members with a vision for a healthier community. Establishing trauma-informed (TI) meeting agendas and facilitation skills enables conveners of the meeting to promote wellness, positive connections, and healing while "getting the work done."



During this Series, participants will take part in interactive discussions, the practice of TI facilitation skills, and integrate workforce wellness, foundational principles of TI care, and aspects of cultural humility. Participants will recognize the signs and symptoms of toxic stress for themselves and community members who have experienced both acute and historical forms of trauma. Sessions will Include the following:

  • Trauma-Informed (TI) facilitation skills: TI scripts for substance misuse prevention and reduction of harm, relational repair, feedback, and active listening.
  • Interactive discussion: Participants will explore how to prevent toxic stress, vicarious trauma, and burnout for facilitators who have witnessed, and work with others who have experienced acute, racialized, and historical trauma.
  • Focused discussion and practice: Participants will identify and practice approaches that support cultural humility, and well-regulated, confident, TI community-based substance misuse prevention facilitation.





Steffannie Roaché, MS LPC, is an Asst. Professor of Practice at Trauma Informed Oregon and Portland State University with a focus on workforce wellness, equity and inclusion through representation and power-sharing within systems, and the promotion of resources that support healing for communities affected by racialized and historical forms of trauma. She has over 20 years of experience providing trainings focused on resilience, trauma informed care, and culturally centered practices, and nearly 10 years of counseling within group and private practices.

Steffannie has contracted with large and small organizations for workforce wellness, TIC, and DEI offerings and has successfully operated a private counseling and consulting practice. Her life’s passion is to work hand-in-hand with community partners to uplift hope, healing, and social justice within systems.

Steffannie enjoys reading and writing poetry; listening to jazz, fusion, and alternative forms of music; traveling nationally and abroad; and spending time with family and friends outside of work and career activities.



Contact Kathy Gardner ([email protected]) if you have additional questions about the content related to this webinar.

June 23, 2023
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