Webinar: Shaping the Alcohol Policy Environment: Past, Present, and Future

Shaping the Alcohol Policy Environment: Past, Present, and Future



February 27, 2020



While other substances may get the share of the media attention, excessive alcohol consumption remains a consistent public health issue. This webinar will unravel the mystery of U.S. alcohol regulation, review the current science on effective strategies to addressing local conditions that influence the alcohol policy environment, and provide insights about the future of alcohol policy regulation, and the need for balance between consumer interests and public health and safety considerations.



Cassie Greisen, MPA is the Public Policy Manager at the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA), a trade association representing alcohol regulators. She has over 10 years of public health experience related to the regulation, enforcement, and marketing of alcohol. Prior to joining NABCA, Cassie was Faculty Associate at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where she worked on both statewide and national projects implementing and assessing strategies to address excessive alcohol consumption.


Webinar Slides

Webinar Slides

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