Webinar: The Risk and Protective Factor Framework - Session 1: Risk Factors


Webinar: The Risk and Protective Factor Framework - Session 1: Risk Factors


Webinar Date: May 6, 2021


Webinar Description

Working in the field of prevention and healthy youth development, most of us have all heard the term, ‘risk and protective factors’ but what does that really mean?

The risk and protective factor framework is foundational to Prevention Science. Join Kevin Haggerty, the Director of the Northwest PTTC, and John Briney, Research Scientist and Data Manager, for a deeper dive into risk and protective factors for healthy youth development – what they are, why they’re important, and how to measure them at the community level.



By the end of this 3-session series participants will be able to:

  1. Define ‘shared risk and protective factors’ for healthy youth development
  2. Describe how risk and protective factors are determined 
  3. Discuss how understanding of shared risk and protective factors is evolving 
  4. Explore what understanding risk and protective factors means for your community’s work in prevention?
  5. Explain at least 3 methods for obtaining community-level information on the risk and protective factors for YOUR community’s youth and discuss pros and cons of these different approaches
  6. Share how youth survey measures were developed and tested for risk and protective factors
  7. Decide on one next step for YOUR community 



Kevin Haggerty MSW, Ph.D.Kevin Haggerty MSW, Ph.D. specializes in prevention programs at the community, school and family level. He is the Director of the Social Development Research Group. Dr. Haggerty serves as the PI/ Project Director for the Northwest PTTC.  He is a Professor at the University of Washington (UW) School of Social Work. For more than 30 years, he has focused on developing innovative ways to organize the scientific knowledge base for prevention so that parents, communities and schools can better identify, assess and prioritize customized approaches that meet their needs.  He has an extensive research background in the intersection of biological and environmental risks for drug abuse in emerging adults and is an expert on substance abuse and delinquency prevention. Additionally, Dr. Haggerty is an investigator of the Community Youth Development Study, which tests the effectiveness of the Communities That Care program.


John BrineyJohn Briney is the Senior Data Manager at the Social Development Research Group (SDRG) with more than 25 years of experience in social science research. The majority of his work at SDRG has focused on the Community Youth Development Study, a randomized test of the Communities That Care prevention planning system.  He currently manages data across several research projects and assists communities with the administration and analysis of the Communities That Care Youth Survey through his work with the Center for CTC. John has a background in Political Science and Public Administration. During his recent COVID-19 quarantine he has spent far too much time with his wife and two children in their home in rural eastern Oregon.John S. Briney is the Data Manager at the School of Social Development Research Group.


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May 25, 2021
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