Best Practices in Online Data Collection

Data collection is a critical and ongoing component of prevention, especially when following a data- informed evidence-based process like SAMHSA’ s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) . Data are relevant in some way to every step of the SPF. The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency created many challenges in implementing effective prevention, including data collection. While much of our work in prevention has returned to pre-pandemic approaches, there are some advantages to online data collection methods and it is worth considering when collecting data virtually might better meet data collection needs. This 1.5 hour self-paced online course will provide a general overview of evaluation and best pra ctices for collecting primary data virtually , focusing on both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. The course will review online surveys, including surveys with youth and ethical considerations; focus groups and listening sessions; interv iews; and other methods. The course will use case study examples and provide additional resources. Certificate of Completion Available

August 22, 2023
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