El Hombre Noble - Sacred Manhood

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This was part 1 of a three-part Virtual Learning Session titled: El Hombre Noble: How to Engage, Embrace and Heal Chicano, Latino Males.

This session will explore the multilayed dimentions of identity of the Chicano, Latino Male. It will answer the question of what does it mean to be Une Hombre Noble and the counter narrative of men with toxic masculinity. It will further share the importance of understanding Chicano, Latino men and boys in order to be able to respectfully recruit, engage, and provide services and treatment.

Session 1 Learning Objectives:

  • Create a greater awareness and understanding of the intercultural struggle for Chicano. Latino men on how to balance the competing expectations they receive in their development from their family, culture and society.
  • Identify healthy cultural values that define healthy culturally manhood based on honorable principles.
  • Create and improved understanding of essential elements to consider in working with Chicano, Latino Boys and Men.


Jerry Tello - Director of Training @National Compadres Network
Jerry Tello over the last 40 years has dedicated himself to the prevention and healing of individuals, families, communities and systems by speaking to over half a million people and training 1000’s of facilitators across the nation. Born from a family of Mexican, Texan and Coahuiltecan roots and raised in the south central/Compton areas of Los Angeles. Mr. Tello is an international expert in the areas of trauma, healing, men and boys of color, fatherhood, family strengthening, racial justice, racial healing, community peace and mobilization and culturally based violence prevention/intervention issues. He is co-founder of the National Compadres Network (established in 1988) and presently is Director of Training and Capacity Building. He has authored numerous articles, videos and curricula addressing the issues of Fatherhood, Male "Rites of Passage,” relationship and gang violence prevention, racial justice, and pregnancy prevention.

Osvaldo Cruz
For more than 20 years, Osvaldo Cruz, Sr. has worked with Latino male youth and young adults in the greater Los Angeles area to address issues of male responsibility, Latino male rites of passage, teen-pregnancy prevention, fatherhood, domestic violence, sexual assault, and youth leadership development. Through these efforts and many more, Ozzie is privileged and honored to realize the work necessary to enhance the quality of life of young men, fathers and their families.

June 11, 2021
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