Marijuana and the Brain

The PTTC Network Marijuana Risk Work Group has created two slide banks for prevention professionals to use in their marijuana prevention and education work in their communities. This slide bank provides a focus on the pharmacology of marijuana and how it impacts the brain. The goal of this tool is to provide prevention providers with a researched and vetted tool they can feel confident in using in their marijuana prevention presentations. 

You can provide this slide bank as a stand alone presentation or integrate it into a presentation including local data, trends, and strategies for marijuana prevention. Please do not alter any of the slides. If you need additional information please contact the PTTC serving your region. 

You may want to use this slide bank in conjunction with the slide bank on the various forms and potencies of marijuana products. 


View "The Varied Forms, Potency, and Health Effects of Today's Cannabis"


October 7, 2019
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