Media in Prevention Webinar 2: Media Literacy as a Practical and Transferrable Skill

Media in Prevention: A three-part webinar series

Webinar 2: Media Literacy as a Practical and Transferrable Skill

April 11, 2023


Series Description

Effectively using social media platforms and being media literate is critically important in a digital age. Improving prevention practitioners’ media literacy and their use of social media platforms can enhance communication with key audiences and result in more effective prevention efforts. This three-part webinar series aims to do this by helping participants better understand core concepts such as media literacy, social media strategies, and the role of advertising in substance use, and develop skills to think critically about social media, its’ messages, and its role in prevention.

Webinar Description

Digital environments are overloaded with information coming from many directions, and this can be difficult to navigate.  In a time of mis and disinformation, it is important to learn for ourselves and to help others how to verify credible sources of information. Media literacy education offers a set of skills to critically think about the source and content of the messages we consume.  In this webinar, we will discuss ways to become more media literate using questions, lateral reading, and recognizing signs of misinformation. This will involve practice activities, Q&A, and small group discussions to best explore this relevant topic.


In this webinar, participants will explore understanding the skills required to actively inquire and critically think about messages we receive and create.  These skills include:

  • Verifying sources of information to find and use credible sources.
  • Lateral reading of content across multiple sources.
  • Key questions to ask to evaluate information in media.


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Shawn Domgaard is a 5th year PhD student (ABD, all but dissertation) at Washington State University, received a Master’s of Arts degree from Southern Utah University in Professional Communication. Shawn is happily married to his lovely wife Rachel, and they have three children.  He is originally from a small farm in northeastern Utah and loves to hike, draw, and play with his kids.  His goal in life is to help other people make evidence-based decisions that make their life better.


Contact Kathy Gardner ([email protected]) if you have additional questions about the content related to this webinar.

April 13, 2023
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