Prioritizing Equity in Prevention: Utilizing Cultural and Social Determinants of Health in Substance Use Prevention Work Among American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

Learning Session Recording and  Follow-Up Materials 

December 12, 2023


Learning Session Description

Health and health equity are determined by the conditions in which the American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) population have been exposed to and continue to thrive in. This Learning Session will explore the common determinants of health that contribute to substance use among AI/AN populations. Further exploration of how common traditional AI/AN healing practices and approaches are integrated with substance use prevention programming will be discussed.  


Learning Session Objectives

By the end of this learning session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how Social Determinants of Health have contributed to substance use in AI/AN populations.
  • Discuss the “Culture is Prevention” approach in the work of substance use prevention work.
  • Identify common AI/AN cultural approaches and practices used in AI/AN healthcare systems addressing Substance Use and Abuse.
  • Employ strategies to meaningfully and respectfully collaborate with tribal entities.


Learning Session Recording and Slides



Evelina Maho, MAdm.,  is a member of the Navajo tribe and resides in Northern Arizona. Holds a Master’s Degree in Administration with an emphasis in Health Sciences, Undergraduate Degree in Clinical Dietetics and Chemistry from Northern Arizona University; carries executive leadership and directorship experience in the healthcare arena. Evelina currently works with the National Council for Urban Indian Health (NCUIH). At NCUIH, supports over 41 Urban Indian Health Organizations in the US. Evelina’s experience involves working with AI/AN Health Systems through quality and systems change approach. Her career started and also continues to support Public Health in AI/AN healthcare systems. Part-owner and founder of YM Associates, LLC a newly established consulting business involved with public health projects. In addition, enjoys teaching as an Adjunct Faculty member at Falmouth Institute in her spare time.



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