Providing Culturally Relevant Crisis Services During COVID-19 (Part 1): The Morbidity of National Trust and Mental Health Disparities - Past, Present, and Future

This webinar record is Part 1 of the "Providing Culturally Relevant Crisis Services During COVID-19" series. 

Presented By: Albert Thompson

Although COVID-19 continues to be a daily concern, large-scale epidemics are certainly not solely a 21st century issue. In this presentation, Thompson expands our focus from the world's present circumstances so we can better understand how society has responded to past health crises and the disproportionately devastating impact these events had, and continue to have, on marginalized populations as a result of prejudicial treatment and economic disadvantage. 

TRANSCRIPT_Providing Culturally Relevant Crisis Serv(Part1)_Thompson_04_22_20.pdf

PPT_Culturally Relevant Services in Crisis (Part 1)_A.Thompson_04_22_20.pdf


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