Sacred Fatherhood

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This is part 3 of a three-part Virtual Learning Session titled: El Hombre Noble: How to Engage, Embrace and Heal Chicano, Latino Males.

How do we assist, guide and support men to be the best fathers, grandfathers, tios that they can be. The session will explore the importance of healthy positive Rites of passage and healthy extended kinship as an essential step towards Sacred Fatherhood. It will also address the importance of developing “ bienvenidos, welcome home” programs and processes for reingrating men who were formally incarcerated, recovering from addiction, absent due to deportation and wanting to rebuild their relationship with their children and family.

Session 3 Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the importance of fathers, father figures and their role in the lives of their children and their families.
  • How to welcome and reintegrate fathers back into their homes and communities due to incarceration and deportation and woundedness.


Jerry Tello - Director of Training @National Compadres Network
Jerry Tello over the last 40 years has dedicated himself to the prevention and healing of individuals, families, communities and systems by speaking to over half a million people and training 1000’s of facilitators across the nation. Born from a family of Mexican, Texan and Coahuiltecan roots and raised in the south central/Compton areas of Los Angeles. Mr. Tello is an international expert in the areas of trauma, healing, men and boys of color, fatherhood, family strengthening, racial justice, racial healing, community peace and mobilization and culturally based violence prevention/intervention issues. He is co-founder of the National Compadres Network (established in 1988) and presently is Director of Training and Capacity Building. He has authored numerous articles, videos and curricula addressing the issues of Fatherhood, Male "Rites of Passage,” relationship and gang violence prevention, racial justice, and pregnancy prevention.

Jaime Molina, MSW - Senior Trainer @National Compadres Network
Jaime Molina graduated from Cabrillo College with an A.S. degree, graduated from UCSC with a bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology. He received his Master’s degree from San Jose State University in Clinical Social Work. He has worked for over 30 years in non-profit agencies, county and state and National efforts in the areas of Family dynamics, youth leadership development, Mental Health, substance abuse, gang involvement, family strengthening, juvenile justice reform, Supporting Father Involvement Study, and Cultural competence. He is well known and respected in the School system and recovery community. Currently he is a Master trainer with National Compadres Network around the country in the areas of family strengthening and Transformational Healing practices.

Mario Ozuna-Sanchez
Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Mario Ozuna-Sanchez grew up in a family impacted by alcoholism, domestic violence, gangs, and drug addicted family members. As a result of decisions he made during his adolescence, Mario became a father at the age of 15. With many barriers and obstacles set before him, and with the help of his mother, Mario was able to accomplish his goals of finishing high school and going to college. Mario Ozuna-Sánchez has over 25 years of experience developing and implementing healing informed services; cultural rites of passage, teen pregnancy prevention, gang intervention, and community violence prevention, in Santa Clara County, specializing in East San Jose. He is nationally recognized for his skills at developing and delivering culturally relevant services to reach and welcome the most marginalized young and adult men in the community.

June 25, 2021
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