Structural Inequities Affecting Prevention Practice


The five-part series Structural Inequities Affecting Prevention Practice w/ Nicole M Augustine is available on rewind from the Mid-America PTTC.

Nicole's experience will bring to life a balance of topics during each episode of the series.

Session 1: Foundational concepts - Why equity matters in our work? This session will set the stage for understanding basic concepts related to behavioral health equity, the connection to adverse childhood experiences, and how environmental strategies create systemic change.

Session 2: Equity in data - How we collect, analyze, and share data affect our work on many levels. How can we strategically focus our services if we don’t accurately identify the structural inequities in our communities?

Session 3: Equity in people - Capacity is twofold and should be evaluated as such; The diversity and inclusion of a variety of experiences at the “table", and The diversity of resources in the community to address the substance misuse need.

Session 4: Equity in the planning - Developing cultural adaptations while using evidence-based interventions can be a challenge. We will discuss how to embed equity into program planning to ensure the co-creation of projects with community members.

Session 5: Equity in action - Knowledge without action is like a car with no gas or a phone with no battery! We will end the week by creating a personal action plan designed to help us commit to putting our knowledge into action.

Nicole Augustine has been working in the field of prevention since 2001 and is the creator and founder of RIZE Consultants, LLC. She connects to her audience in a unique way, utilizing Zoom and other social media apps. Nicole's experience will bring to life a balance of topics during each day of the series, including why equity matters, and equity in data, building capacity, planning and action. 

July 5, 2023
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