Video Series: Building Management Skills for Prevention Professionals

Building Management Skills for Prevention Professionals

Building Management Skills for Prevention Professionals 


In this video series, trainer Robert Kenney, PhD, discusses practical strategies and approaches to address common supervision and management challenges. Using these videos and the accompanying handouts, prevention professionals will learn useful tips for building team relationships, providing feedback, conducting performance appraisals, and evaluating their own supervisory skills. The videos can be used together to build skills across several areas or can be used as independent lessons for those interested in a specific topic. As you work through these videos and exercises, you will see how many of the skills we develop as prevention specialists can also be used to lead and support teams as supervisors and managers. This series is intended for new and experienced supervisors as well as those aspiring to a supervisory role, and may be useful to those supervising volunteers as well as staff.

Team Development through Trust

Developing strong relationships with members of your team requires trust between supervisors and staff, but how can supervisors build trust with their teams? This video discusses the importance of trust within teams and strategies to help build and maintain trust.





Coaching and Providing Feedback

As a supervisor, you are responsible for helping your staff grow in their roles and providing feedback to your staff, but it can be challenging to know how to approach these tasks. This video will walk you through one approach to providing solutions-focused coaching and constructive feedback.





Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are an important aspect of being a supervisor, but as with coaching, it may be hard to know where to start. This video will discuss the value of performance appraisal and how to work with your team to conduct performance appraisals to empower your team’s growth.





Supervisory Self-Evaluation

Understanding your own strengths as a supervisor and identifying areas for growth can be a useful exercise for both new and experienced supervisors. This video will provide some guidance for assessing your own supervisory skills and creating a development plan to continue building your skills as a supervisor.



About the presenter:

Robert Kenney, Ph.D.

As president of Partners Through Training based in Richmond Virginia, Bob has been delivering training and consultation since 1993. He has worked nationally and internationally helping people develop and practice business skills in the areas of leadership, management, and collaborative teamwork. He has partnered with 19 centers for continuing and executive education at major universities, including the University of Southern Maine, Duke University and their Nonprofit Management Program, and the Universities of North Carolina, Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Maine. Bob holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in social and organizational psychology, with a specialization in small group training and organizational analysis, from the State University New York at Buffalo. His educational activities engage learners to transform and intentionally shape their present and future connections to a more collaborative workplace. Bob has spent some time working in the field of behavioral health at Greater Lynn Mental Health Association, now called Bridgewell, and Presbyterian Homes and Family Services, now called HumanKind, in Virginia. Bob also works with the New England PTTC Prevention Mentoring program.


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