Webinar: Best Practices for Prevention Media Campaigns

Presented by: Jennifer Ross, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy, Wake Forest School of Medicine


This presentation will provide an overview of communication campaigns aimed at youth prevention, including guidance for development and implementation of a communication campaign.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what a communication campaign is and when it would be an effective strategy to implement

  2. Learn the 4 phases of a communication campaign

  3. Identify additional resources for supporting communication campaign planning and implementation


About Jennifer Ross, Ph.D.

Jennifer Ross, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is a communication scientist with expertise in persuasion, health communication, and communication theory. Her research uses communication theory to develop and test effective messages to discourage tobacco use, as well as to understand the impact of messaging, including marketing, on perceptions of harm. Dr. Ross’s research focuses on the use of non-cigarette tobacco products among vulnerable populations, including adolescents, young adults, and racial/ethnic minorities.

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