Adjusting Prevention Efforts to Virtual Settings

Virtual Settings


Supporting Prevention Efforts Through Virtual Settings 

2-Part Webinar Series, Mountain Plains PTTC (HHS Region 8), April 2020.


Virtual Reality for Behavioral Health Workforce Development in the Era of COVID-19

Research Article, Cross-Technology Transfer Center Workgroup, February 2021


Community Engagement During COVID-19: A webinar for Substance Use Prevention Practitioners

Webinar, Great Lakes PTTC (HHS Region 5), November 2021


Lessons Learned from Implementing Evidence-Based Programs in a Virtual Environment

Webinar, Northwest PTTC (HHS Region 10), July 2020


Telehealth Clinical and Technical Considerations for Mental Health Providers

Document, Pacific Southwest MHTTC, May 2020


Making a Good Connection: Engaging Students and Families in School Tele-Mental Health

Webinar Series, Mountain Plain MHTTC (HHS Region 8), June 2020


Transitioning to Virtual Services

Podcast Episode 28, Mid-America PTTC (HHS Region 7), March 2020


Moving Prevention Strategies From In-person to Virtual

Downloadable Guide, Great Lakes PTTC (HHS Region 5), June 2020



Working From Home:

Thriving in an Online Work Environment

Course, Collaboration: MPHTC, RMPHTC, Region IV PHTC, May 2020


Working from Home & Keeping Your Sanity - Handout - Take Your Break With Us Virtual Series

Downloadable/Printable Handout, Northwest PTTC (HHS Region 10), June 2020


Virtual learning guide for working from home

Downloadable Guide, Pacific Southwest MHTTC (HHS Region 9), April 2020





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